TOUCHSTONE : Oubliette Art

first piece of art for my new print and play card game...

TOUCHSTONE : Oubliette

Touchstone is a violent sport played by fantasy races. In Touchstone Oubliette the game has moved from the sunny stadiums of the Braying Fields to an underground dungeon where the walls are constantly shifting and dancing around the players in an attempt to trap and crush them.

You play the role of the individual players that must attempt to make their way through the Oubliette in order to score points for the team. These attempts are called a Drives. The deck represents the living maze and the opposing team's players that are trying to stop you. After each of your Drives the opposing team gets a Drive. The game represents the AI's Drive with a single card draw.

Core strategies:

In order to escape from the Oubliette the player must evade the creatures and shifting walls attempting to block his path, locate a key, and finally find the one door that leads out of the maze. If the player finds and escapes with the Touchstone then he gets extra points. If the player hasn't escaped before the last card is drawn then they are lost in the Oubliette and loose that Drive.

If the Drive isn't going well the players will have to use portals to buy more time. Portals shift not only the players position in the maze but they also propel him backwards or forward in time (either removing cards from or returning cards to his draw deck).

There are also 4 types of items that can be used to outsmart the creatures or illuminate the dark Oubliette.

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