TOUCHSTONE : Oubliette - color comps

focusing on creating colors and compositions that make it
clear when you can move forward and when you are blocked.

Embracing the Oubliette

Touchstones are supposed to just be another urban legend. A stone that gives the holder perfect control over their own fate. Everything falls into place magically around you as if all existence is shifting to realign to your needs and desires. Yes it sounds like pure rubbish - But I've actually seen one and for a brief moment possessed it. I don't know how I got back here, how I got out of the Oubliette, but I found one. I'm not going crazy. I found a touchstone but now its lost as are so many of my memories.

I fall 20 feet though utter darkness till the unseen floor slammed into my back. Crawling through the blackness my hands brush across the floor seeking out the walls, the limits of this maze but they keep moving and shifting around me. The Oubliette is alive and it knows I'm here.

Check out the Touchstone:Oubliette dev Blog at BoardGameGeek...

More Custom Ranger Cards

Redesigning the card info to make it clear what is "at the ready" and what is buried deep in the soldiers pack.

Custom Ranger Cards

Made these to personalize my copy of Ranger by omega games.
I Created cards for all the characters in my Ranger squads.

there are still a few typo's I need to fix...

TOUCHSTONE : Oubliette Art

first piece of art for my new print and play card game...

TOUCHSTONE : Oubliette

Touchstone is a violent sport played by fantasy races. In Touchstone Oubliette the game has moved from the sunny stadiums of the Braying Fields to an underground dungeon where the walls are constantly shifting and dancing around the players in an attempt to trap and crush them.

You play the role of the individual players that must attempt to make their way through the Oubliette in order to score points for the team. These attempts are called a Drives. The deck represents the living maze and the opposing team's players that are trying to stop you. After each of your Drives the opposing team gets a Drive. The game represents the AI's Drive with a single card draw.

Core strategies:

In order to escape from the Oubliette the player must evade the creatures and shifting walls attempting to block his path, locate a key, and finally find the one door that leads out of the maze. If the player finds and escapes with the Touchstone then he gets extra points. If the player hasn't escaped before the last card is drawn then they are lost in the Oubliette and loose that Drive.

If the Drive isn't going well the players will have to use portals to buy more time. Portals shift not only the players position in the maze but they also propel him backwards or forward in time (either removing cards from or returning cards to his draw deck).

There are also 4 types of items that can be used to outsmart the creatures or illuminate the dark Oubliette.

Download links:

Touchstone UI Designs

title page

gameplay page

victory page

Another mockup

Final Layout with placeholder art...

new touchstone teams concepts

trickster gnomes and half dragons...

The gnomes have abilities that let them draw more cards, put opponents cards to sleep, and create illusions (cards whose values are randomly generated each time they resolve). The gnomes also have a much lower number range available to represent their size while the half dragons have a much higher range then any other team because they can fly.

Title page mockup

This is the first full res mockup for the ipad version of touchstone.

Touchstone wireframe

I simplified the interface so its cleaner and less dependent
on special illustrations. I'm handing this off to a graphic
designer for final polish.

I also had an idea to have a ticker along the bottom
of the gameplay page that will scroll through your
stats for the season... wins, losses, touchdowns,
interceptions, kills, etc.

Touchstone ipad UI sketches

Menu and layout studies for ipad version of the game...

officially geeky

Touchstone is now on!

Playtest notes

Notes from the play testing session at the West Coast Quake tournament:

1. Need clarification of when half ends: The half ends when both players run out of cards. There was confusion about what happens when the first player runs out of cards. If the offense runs out of cards its considered a turnover and the opponent then becomes the offense and his drive is unopposed.

2. Concern that the coin toss may not be fair. We experimented with using the values on the cards to determine who goes first but deck building could break this system. I found these card shaped dice in a new Japanese game and think something like this could be a nice solution.

3. "seduce" icon may be to similar to the "kill" icon.
The fact that no team currently has both icons makes this simpler but it was suggested that I might want to add a heart to the seduce logo.

4. special power idea: an ability that allows the player to draw an extra card was a popular idea.

5. score keeping: It was suggested that each player should line their scoring cards up along their side of the playmat instead of putting both players score cards along the top.

6. There were still too many ties for my taste. I'm playing with some ideas for advancement so that even if you loose or tie you still feel like you are getting something out of the game. So instead of the usual deck building you would earn points from playing games (scoring, kills, interceptions) that could be used to add more powerful players to your team - but - if they are killed they are removed permanently from the team. This seems to get away from the quick and casual feel I was going for with the game but its worth looking into.

- may also experiment with allowing the offense to draw more cards?