Playtest notes

Notes from the play testing session at the West Coast Quake tournament:

1. Need clarification of when half ends: The half ends when both players run out of cards. There was confusion about what happens when the first player runs out of cards. If the offense runs out of cards its considered a turnover and the opponent then becomes the offense and his drive is unopposed.

2. Concern that the coin toss may not be fair. We experimented with using the values on the cards to determine who goes first but deck building could break this system. I found these card shaped dice in a new Japanese game and think something like this could be a nice solution.

3. "seduce" icon may be to similar to the "kill" icon.
The fact that no team currently has both icons makes this simpler but it was suggested that I might want to add a heart to the seduce logo.

4. special power idea: an ability that allows the player to draw an extra card was a popular idea.

5. score keeping: It was suggested that each player should line their scoring cards up along their side of the playmat instead of putting both players score cards along the top.

6. There were still too many ties for my taste. I'm playing with some ideas for advancement so that even if you loose or tie you still feel like you are getting something out of the game. So instead of the usual deck building you would earn points from playing games (scoring, kills, interceptions) that could be used to add more powerful players to your team - but - if they are killed they are removed permanently from the team. This seems to get away from the quick and casual feel I was going for with the game but its worth looking into.

- may also experiment with allowing the offense to draw more cards?

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