updated rules and cards...

demo pack
demo rules

I've finally finished laying out and illustrating the rulebook. The balance of card strengths and abilities have been adjusted based on play testing to allow for a higher scoring game.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Playtesting Weekend

This weekend was the first major playtest of the new rules. The playtest group enjoyed the core concepts and the speed of the game but there was some confusion over a few of the special abilities and the games all ended with no touchdowns!

Discussions after the playtest revealed that two of the abilities that were variants of other abilities were confusing so I have decided to cut them in order to simplify the rules. The lack of touchdowns was the result of me adding too many special abilities to the cards. I will thin out the abilities so each card has more of the numbers needed to make the perfect play as well as test out allowing the players to have 6 cards in their hands instead of the original 4. I want the game to not only be fast but high scoring. I hope to have all these changes finalized and new cards printed in time for another playtest next weekend.

I also plan on making an illustrated tutorial to show the core strategies in more detail. The way the value of the plays change after a push is a really exciting mechanic but it takes a while for the average player to understand this concept. I want to make sure players understand this concept before they start their first game.

Touchstone first edition rules

demo pack

I'm happy with the demo pack PDF but I had some formatting problems with the rulebook PDF that I still need to work out. My goal for next week is to build a photo based tutorial that shows the stages of a turn and a few examples of results and initiative.

Card Print Sample

A thumbnail version of one of the printable card sheets
that will be in the rules packet...

cheat sheet

Finishing up the print and play rulebook.
Here's the quick reference page...


I'm playing with some of the rules to keep initiative of results as simple as possible. I needed to decide whether the defender or the attacker should have initiative and after a few games its obvious the attacker needs the extra boost.

Touchstone Demo overview of play

1. Shuffle 15 card team deck
2. Draw 4 cards
3. Coin toss

TURN SEQUENCE (simultaneous)
1. Play a card
2. Check results - attacker has initiative
3. Draw a card

• Interception - Def# = Att#
• Score goal - Att# = 21
• Turnover - Att# < 21 and 4th down or Att# > 21
• Continue drive - Att# < 21
• End of half - both coach out of cards

Fantasy Football Game - coming soon!

Here's a little teaser for my new card game...

I will be posting the print and play PDF version of
the game later this week. Please check it out and
give me some feedback.