Embracing the Oubliette

Touchstones are supposed to just be another urban legend. A stone that gives the holder perfect control over their own fate. Everything falls into place magically around you as if all existence is shifting to realign to your needs and desires. Yes it sounds like pure rubbish - But I've actually seen one and for a brief moment possessed it. I don't know how I got back here, how I got out of the Oubliette, but I found one. I'm not going crazy. I found a touchstone but now its lost as are so many of my memories.

I fall 20 feet though utter darkness till the unseen floor slammed into my back. Crawling through the blackness my hands brush across the floor seeking out the walls, the limits of this maze but they keep moving and shifting around me. The Oubliette is alive and it knows I'm here.

Check out the Touchstone:Oubliette dev Blog at BoardGameGeek...

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