Hununga - goals

short term-
Get feedback on rules in order to simplify them. The goal is to have a strategy game with lots of depth but rules so simple and intuitive you dont need to look at charts or complex rule explanations.

long term-
add more varied objectives and unit upgrades. I would like to move beyond the preset starting pieces and deployment in order to a encourage pregame army building meta game.

assign one if these upgrades to a playing piece for a set price... when a die roll matches the units defence value it may activate this special power instead of its normal action.

Battle standard- when this units defense value is rolled it may be activated to allow that die to be rerolled. The result must be used to activate a different unit.
spy- the units defensive value is hidden until an enemy piece moves next to it.
assassin- swap places with a piece of the same defensive value. When that value is rolled.
healer- may respawn when this units defence value is rolled.
mage- use a ranged magical attack to destroy a piece of the same value anywhere on theboard.
scout- diagonal movement allowed when die roll marches this units defence value. All movement for this unit must bediagonal for this turn.

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